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Mastering the Art of Organization

Are you a Pack Rat or a See it All Susie?

Finding the right style of organization for each person is one of the best-kept secrets of the most sought-after professional organizers.

Figuring out which type of space management works best for your own personal style of working and living is the first step on the path to mastering the art of organization.

If you are a visual person, you may find it works better to use clear containers set out where you can see everything.

However, if you don’t feel calm unless everything is put away out of sight, then you’ll want to investigate storage containers and a labeling system that keeps your day-to-day routines in check.

Organizing Basics

Organizing our homes is all about making better use of the space we have and becoming more efficient. One of the most well-known methods to streamline efficiency is the 5S system.

Surely, everyone has heard the motto:

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

Well, this is the mantra of the 5 S system.

Originally designed for manufacturing processes, the 5 S system can be easily adapted for home use.

Professional Tip. Wait until step 2 before buying any storage containers! You’ll need to access the contents first before locating the container to put it in.

1. Sort.
Begin with a single room and consider its function. Then sort the items in the room keeping the elements that are essential to that function.

2. Set in Order
The next step in the process is to place the components in the locations where they are used in the order they will be used. Give some thought to your daily tasks. Now is the time to buy containers if you need them.

3. Shine.
Keep everything in order. At the end of each day, take a look at your area & be sure everything is still orderly. It’s much easier to do this for 5 minutes at the end of the day (or first thing in the morning). That way the clutter doesn’t begin to reappear.

4. Standardize.
Refine your process & organizational structure. Make changes if something isn’t working.

5. Sustain.
Keep it up! Day after day, make sure everything gets put back where it belongs. Don’t allow creepers! Like the water glasses that seem to linger in the living room day after day. You know what I mean. Every family has its particular problems spots, watch out for yours!

Make the Most of the New OrganizedU!

The Art of Organization does take discipline. But keep it up & reward yourself as things in your home look better and better every single day.

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